Mills Multimedia logo Multimedia definition: (noun) The use of a variety of artistic or communicative media. multiple devices with various designs on screen

Step 1:
Learn to Love

I want to find out why you love your business. What is your mission, your purpose for starting your organization in the first place? Now I love it too! Pretty simple way to start, right?

Step 2:
Devise a Scheme

I'm not an evil mastermind, planning world domination... this week. I can, however, discuss options and design a plan of action to help reach your goals.

Step 3:

Ok, maybe there's a few more steps but I'm out of blue boxes. But, for you the hard part is over. Now it's my turn to create your visual communication masterpiece with all the bells and whistles*

*Mills Multimedia does not use nor does it condone the use of actual whistles and/or bells as they tend to be loud and annoying

Welcome to my new site!

Mills Multimedia is the result of Allure Retouching and Design outgrowing it's name and business model.

Now I can offer both print design and web design as well as photography, with even more services on the metaphorical horizon. Visit the Services page to see some of my work or email me for a free consultation. I always do my best to offer good advice and reasonable rates and, if I'm not the guy for you, I will even recommend someone who might fit your needs better.

Take a few minutes to browse the new site, then jump over to one of my social media pages to tell me what you think.