How much does a website cost?

That is usually one of the first questions I hear from clients, and the answer is: It depends.

Asking how much a website costs, is a lot like asking how much does a house cost. Do you want brick or siding? How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? Do you want granite countertops? Etc. All the variations to these decisions affect the total cost of the home.

Websites follow similar patterns. Do you want to sell products directly from your site or are you trying to drive customers into a physical store? Are you providing the content or do you need a professional writer and/or photographer to help? Does the site need to integrate with existing systems for your organization, such as a CRM or inventory database?

At Mills Multimedia pricing is based on two factors:

The initial design and code

This is the actual build of the website. Together, we’ll go through a design brief where we can discuss your site’s design preferences, branding requirements and the overall goals you want the site to achieve for your business or organization.

On-going hosting and maintenance

After the site is ready to launch you’ll need things like web hosting and regular maintenance. Mills Multimedia will handle the hosting, set up or connect your domain name and execute monthly updates to the back-end of the site to keep everything running smoothly so you can focus on your business.

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